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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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AC Tips: When to Call for Repairs

AC-technicianWouldn’t it be nice if you could buy an air conditioning system that would never give you any trouble at all? Sure, and it’d also be nice if your car could sprout wings and soar you to work over the traffic backup below. The point is, neither of these scenarios is very likely. No air conditioner is 100% reliable, and you are going to require professional AC repairs in Glendale, CA, at some point.

So what can the homeowner do to protect his or her comfort? You may not be able to completely fend off problems with your air conditioner—though routine AC maintenance will certainly keep them as few and far between as possible—but you can intervene early to limit any potential damages to your home. The sooner you have your ailing air conditioner repaired, the better off your system is going to be. So keep these common signs of trouble in mind,  and contact us when you suspect there’s a problem.

You’re Feeling the Financial Burn

Just like you’ll never run your AC completely problem free, you’ll also never run it for free in the monetary sense. You have to pay for your comfort. Now, that being said, there is no reason why you should content yourself with overpaying for your comfort. If you notice that your energy costs are unusually high once you put your air conditioning system back into its regular rotation, then that is a sign of a problem.

Pretty much any issue with your AC can result in increased energy costs. Remember, anything that makes it harder for your AC to do its job can have this effect. Make sure you’re not setting unreasonably low temperatures or leaving dirty filters in your system. Once you’ve ruled that out, it’s time to give the pros a call.

You’re Hearing Strange Sounds

Remember, strange sounds don’t necessarily have to be new sounds. Your air conditioner might be making its usual operating sounds, but at a much louder level than usual. You may also hear unfamiliar sounds, though, such as screeching, clanging, and banging.

Whatever the case, don’t just ignore these sounds because your air conditioner is still technically functional. You need your system to operate at peak performance levels and as reliably as possible. These sounds mean there is an issue that will make that level of performance impossible.

You’re Just Not Comfortable!

Well, it’s not as cool as it should be, but it’s still hotter outside. So—mission accomplished?

Not even close. If you’re not completely comfortable in your home, then you simply deserve better. Now, if your air conditioner has always underperformed in this manner, then it may not be the right fit for your home. If these problems are relatively new developments, though, then problems of some type are the most likely scenario. From refrigerant leaks to faulty thermostats, there is a lot that can go wrong. Fortunately, we can help!

Schedule your air conditioning repair services with the pros here at Greenleaf Heating & Cooling.

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