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Air Duct Cleaning in Whittier, CA

When you think of your spring-cleaning chores, cleaning the interior surfaces of your air ducts probably does not spring to mind. Even if you do pause to consider the conditions within your ductwork, there is no way that you could go about accessing your ductwork and cleaning it out effectively. This is not the type of job that can be completed with the cleaning products you have sitting around the house.

If you are concerned about the conditions in your ductwork, then you should give Greenleaf Heating & Cooling a call. We offer thorough duct cleaning services in Whittier, CA and we would love a chance to earn your business. When our technicians clean your ducts, you can always count on a job well done. Come see why we're a trusted contractor for air conditioning services in Whittier and Southern California!

Contact us today to learn more about our air duct cleaning services in Whittier, CA!

Duct Cleaning in Whittier, CA

Unlike routine air conditioning maintenance, which should be scheduled each and every year, there is no set schedule when it comes to professional duct cleaning. Some homeowners simply choose not to have their ductwork cleaned at all. However, there are many instances in which duct cleaning may prove beneficial.

If, upon inspection of the system, your AC or heating technician finds substantial buildup of pollutants in the ductwork or throughout the system, professional cleaning is certainly recommended. Have you had issues with vermin nesting in your ducts? Then you should definitely have them cleaned out to remove anything that they may have left behind. If mold develops on the surfaces of your ductwork, thorough cleaning should be completed.

Why Schedule Professional Ductwork Cleaning?

There are certain jobs that you really just can’t complete on your own. Cleaning air ducts in Whittier, CA is one of them. Only properly trained and equipped professionals can ensure that your air ducts are cleaned thoroughly, and that your system is not compromised in the process. We fix it right the first time!

When we handle your ductwork cleaning, we’ll open up all access ports to clean and inspect the system. We’ll use powerful vacuuming equipment to guarantee that the pollutants we’re removing don’t make it into your living space, and we’ll brush the surfaces effectively to do a thorough job. Once we’re done, we’ll also make sure that the system is sealed up correctly.

You Can Help to Keep Your Ducts Clean

While you cannot complete your duct cleaning on your own, there are steps that you can take to help reduce the risk of contaminating your air ducts in the first place. Use an air filter of the highest recommended efficiency for your system, for instance, and change it regularly.

Keep your home clean with regular vacuuming, and seal up your duct registers if you are having any construction or renovations completed. These steps will help to keep pollutants out of the system.

Benefits of Clean Ductwork

Clearly, cleaning ductwork is not something that you do to make your home more presentable. What are the benefits, then? Well, clean air ducts can make a positive impact in a few ways. We want to help you take advantage of these benefits.

Ductwork cleaning can help to protect your indoor air quality, for instance. It can reduce the risk of asthma and allergy flare–ups by preventing pollutants from circulating throughout the house. It can even help your HVAC system to operate more efficiently. If you’re ready to schedule professional duct cleaning, give us a call.

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