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The HVAC Contractor Pomona, CA Residents Can Trust

We know how much homeowners value their comfort - and having proper air conditioning is a huge part of being comfortable in California. Whatever trials you may face out in the world during the day, you should always be able to come home and relax in a welcoming and comforting environment. We are happy to play any part that we can in ensuring that this is the case.

When you schedule your HVAC services with Greenleaf Heating & Cooling in Pomona, quality is guaranteed. Our tehcnicians are professionally trained and have the dedication of a company with decades of experience behind them. Dial our number today to see what truly great customer and technical service looks like.

Schedule an air conditioning or heating service in Pomona, CA today!

Quality Air Conditioning Is a Necessity in Pomona

There are certainly areas in the country where air conditioning is more of a luxury than a necessity. Not so in California, though. Our summers are entirely too hot to take any chances with your air conditioning in Pomona, CA.

There are a lot of ACs on the market today. From central systems to ductless mini splits and evaporative coolers, we work with them all. Call now to discuss your home cooling options or check out all of our Pomona air conditioning services.

We Offer Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Services

Are you in need of air conditioning repairs in Pomona? Has your system broken down completely? Is it struggling to cool your home effectively, even though it used to do just that? Prompt air conditioning repairs are definitely in your best interest.

You can help to minimize the risk of encountering air conditioning repair needs by ensuring that your air conditioner gets off to the best start possible. All this entails is dialing our number to schedule your air conditioning installation. That way, your system will be properly sized and expertly integrated into your home.

Pomona, CA Heating Repair & Installation 

Our air conditioners may hog the glory for much of the year, but you need a quality heating system in Pomona, CA as well. We’ll make sure that you get one. We offer a wide range of heating services, including ductless mini splits and furnaces.

While modern technology means that modern heaters are more efficient, more reliable, and safer than ever, no heater is perfect. If you notice that your heater is struggling, or if you smell strange odors or hear strange sounds, call one of our Pomona heating technicians right away. We’ll diagnose the problem and provide outstanding heater repairs.

Don’t Overlook Your Indoor Air Quality

Yes, it is important that you are able to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. However, you must also maintain great indoor air quality throughout your living space. Failure to do so can have negative effects on not only your comfort, but your health as well.

We install many great indoor air quality systems, and specialize in The Perfect 16 air filter installations. Contact us if you have any questions about how we can help you to breathe better air in your home. You deserve the best in indoor air quality.

Leave Your Commercial HVAC Services to Us

If you’ve dealt with Pomona commercial HVAC contractors before, chances are that you are familiar with how unreliable they can be. Not us, though. Our customers know that we’ll show up when we say we will, and that we always do the job we say we’ll do.

It sounds like a simple way to conduct business, but it is something that many contractors struggle with. We know that you have enough on your plate without worrying about whether everyone in your commercial property is comfortable. That is why you should schedule your commercial HVAC services in Pomona, CA with our team.

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