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HVAC Company in Torrance, CA specializing in Air Conditioning Repair

Sometimes, taking chances can pay off in a big way. When it comes to keeping your home comfortable throughout the entire year, year after year, though, playing it safe is the way to go. You can’t get any safer than scheduling your HVAC services in Torrance with the professional technicians on the Greenleaf Heating & Cooling staff.

Looking for an air conditioning repair service? You’re in the right place. Since the 1970’s, our team has been providing home and business owners in Torrance air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality services that are truly outstanding. Give us a call today, and learn how we can help you to keep your home and commercial property as comfortable as possible!

Air Conditioning Repair Specialists

Even if your system is well-maintained, it is going to encounter operational problems at some point. This is true of any mechanical system. When your AC unit shows any signs of trouble, contact our staff for AC repair services Torrance residents can count on. Ready to get going? Schedule your services with us today.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System

Ready to have a new air conditioner installed in your home? Need some guidance regarding which system is best suited to your needs and personal preferences? We offer home and business owners in Torrance air conditioning installation services that are prompt and reliable.

It goes without saying that our air conditioners really get a workout in this part of the country. To keep your AC working as efficiently, reliably, and effectively as possible, routine AC maintenance is a must! Let us inspect and tune up your system. Not only will this help your system to provide you with the best possible performance, but it can extend the life of your system too.

Torrance, CA Heating Services

A broken down heater is a major problem. Ideally, you’ll have that faulty heater repaired before it gets to this point. But that’s only possible if you schedule your heater repair service in Torrance, CA  with a professional. Remember that a failing heater can put your safety at risk, along with your comfort.

The smell of gas, strange sounds, frequently tripping breakers, or cool air blowing from your system are all signs that you need heating repairs. Do not ignore any sign of trouble with your heater as waiting to have repairs completed only puts the system at greater risk.

Heater Installation in Torrance, CA

With furnaces, heat pumps, dual fuel systems, ductless mini splits, and other heaters to choose from, you may be a bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry. When the time comes for a heating installation or replacement, just work with us to ensure you have the right system in place.

Improve Indoor Air Quality - with Our Help

Breathing air of a high quality should be a top priority for any homeowner. No, allergens are not only a concern outdoors. In fact, the air in your home may have an even higher concentration of pollutants than the air outside!

So what you can you do? Dial our number, of course. We offer great indoor air quality systems and services. We specialize in the installation of The Perfect 16 air filtration systems.

Count on Us for Commercial HVAC Excellence

When you own or operate a commercial property, you’ve got a lot on your hands. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not the people in that property are comfortable. When we handle your commercial HVAC services in Torrance, CA, you need have no doubt about it.

We install and service commercial heating and air conditioning systems, as well as server room cooling systems. With our team on your side, you can devote your attention to more pressing matters at hand. Leave the commercial HVAC aspect of your responsibilities to us.

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