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Glendale, CA Air Conditioning & Heating Service Company

When hiring a HVAC contractor to handle your residential or commercial services in Glendale, CA, you want someone that is going to show up when they say they will. You want someone that will do what they’ve stated they’ll do. Long story short, you want Greenleaf Heating & Cooling!

We’ve been in this business for over 4 decades, and we’ve only gotten better with time. Our air conditioning specialists in Glendale can handle it all - from new installations & replacements to repairs & routine maintenance. Keep your home or commercial property comfortable throughout the year - you, your family, and/or your tenants deserve nothing less.

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Glendale Air Conditioning Services

When you invest in a new air conditioner, or if you’re looking for a technician to tune up your system up before the start of a new season, don’t roll the dice. Your comfort is not something to gamble with. Get the most from your investment by letting us handle your air conditioning services.

There are a lot of different air conditioning systemss on the market today. It can be tricky to figure out which one suits your needs best. That is why the advice of a trained professional, in addition to his or her technical service, is invaluable.

AC Repair & Maintenance in Glendale, CA

Remember that there is no problem with your air conditioner "minor" enough to ignore. If your air conditioner is running, but doesn’t seem to be running properly, that alone is enough reason to schedule service with one of our Glendale air conditioning repair specialists.

The longer that you wait to have any problems with your air conditioner fixed, the worse off those problems are likely to become. Don’t let relatively benign issues become serious problems. Contact us at the first sign of trouble for all your AC repair in Glendale, CA needs.

Make Your Air Conditioning Installation a Success

How? By working with our skilled team of air conditioning technicians. Every factor, from system selection to the sizing of your AC system, will play a role in determining the overall quality with which your air conditioner operates. This is before the actual installation itself.

The installation of a whole-house air conditioning system is not something that you can handle on your own. It is not a job for a handyman. Drop the toolbox, pick up the phone, and let us get your air conditioner in place. Call on Greenleaf Heating & Cooling for air conditioning installation and air conditioning replacement services in Glendale, CA.

Glendale, CA Heating Services

When you heat your home, you should be able to do so affordably. You should also be able to do so safely. This requires well-maintained heating equipment working at peak performance levels.

Scheduling your heating repair and maintenance services with our trained professionals in Glendale guarantees that your heater will get off on the right foot, and that it will be kept in excellent working condition. Call today to work with a heating technician that you can trust.

Signs That You Need Heating Repairs

At best, problems with your heater will leave you uncomfortably chilly on a winter night. At worst, they can put you in danger due to an unsafe operating condition. That is why you should be aware of some signs that you need heating repairs.

Strange odors, alarming sounds, and uneven heat distribution are all signs that something is wrong with your heater. The best advice that we can give is to contact us whenever your heater is acting abnormally. Ignoring the problem only gives it time to get worse.


Indoor Air Quality Can Always Be Improved

If you think that issues like low or high humidity, or excessive pollutants in the air in your home, aren’t a big deal, think again. These problems can leave you more vulnerable to illness, and can have negative consequences for your property itself. When your indoor air quality declines, we’re here to help bring it back up.

We install and service systems like humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air filters, and air purifiers. We can also seal your ductwork. Let us help you to breathe air of the quality that you deserve.


Do You Need Commercial HVAC Services?

Keeping your commercial property comfortable throughout the year is a major part of ensuring the success of your commercial ventures. Clients, tenants, and employees are not going to be impressed if you fail to keep them comfortable. Let us handle your commercial HVAC services in Glendale, CA, and you won’t have to worry about that.

We install and service commercial heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality systems. We can ensure that your server rooms are cool and safe for your sensitive equipment. With our commercial HVAC services, you have the peace of mind necessary to focus on your many pressing matters at hand.

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