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Evaporative Coolers in Whittier, CA

Are you ready to replace an old air conditioner in your home? Are you having a new home constructed, and are considering your cooling system options? If so, then we urge you to consider the use of an evaporative cooler in Whittier, CA. The technicians on our staff install and service these unique home cooling systems.

Evaporative coolers may not have the same level of name recognition that a central air conditioner does, but more and more homeowners are starting to recognize the many benefits that they have to offer. Our relatively dry climate means that an evaporative cooler is definitely a viable option for your home. Review the benefits of using an evaporative cooler – also known as a swamp cooler – and remember to schedule service with the professionals here at Greenleaf Heating & Cooling.

How Does an Evaporative Cooler Work?

If you’ve stepped out of a pool or the ocean on a warm day, only to feel an instant chill as the warm air pass over your body, then you are already familiar with the basic principles upon which evaporative coolers operate. As the dry air passes over you, some of the water is absorbed into the air. This helps you to cool down as heat from the air moves into the lower water temperature.

An evaporative cooler contains water–soaked pads. A fan is used to draw warm air into the unit, and that air passes over the soaked pads. This cools the air, which is then cycled back into your home. Some moisture is also introduced into the air, allowing for some humidification for your living space. This is one reason why evaporative coolers are so well–suited to drier climates like ours.

Benefits of Using a Swamp Cooler

The use of a swamp cooler in Whittier, CA can benefit you in a few ways. While no single air conditioning system is going to be ideal for every home or every homeowner, you may decide that an evaporative cooler is right for your home after reviewing these benefits.

  1. Energy Efficiency. Do you want to keep your home cool and comfortable without paying an arm and a leg to do so? Then you should definitely think about having a swamp cooler installed. You’ll pay for a water and a small amount of electricity to power the fan, typically costing 50% less than running a refrigerated cooling system.
  2. Eco–Friendly. Should being environmentally–friendly be a priority for you, then the swamp cooler merits your attention. There are no pollutants or chemicals that can be released into the environment when you use an evaporative cooler. You’ll also use less resources when you use this type of system.
  3. Air Quality. A traditional central AC dries out the air when it runs, and requires that you seal your home up to maintain great energy efficiency. A swamp cooler adds humidity to the air in your home, and actually benefits from the circulation of air allotted by an open window. This keeps the air in your home fresh.

We Install and Service Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative cooling systems are very simple in their design and operation. Maintenance is minimal, though routine maintenance is still very important. It will keep the fan in fine working condition, and allow pads to be changed as needed. Should your evaporative cooler show any signs of leaks, or if its cooling output seems to fall, you can rely on us for great swamp cooler repairs. We fix it right the first time!

Allowing our team to install your evaporative cooler will help to get it off to the right start. We’ll make sure that it is of the right size for your home so that it can keep you cool effectively and reliably. We’ll also ensure that your system is replaced properly when the time comes to have a new model installed. Call today to discuss your swamp cooler options.

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