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Furnaces in Whittier, CA

Furnaces remain the most popular of all home heating systems. It is not exactly difficult to understand why. When appropriately sized, professionally installed, and regularly maintained, the furnace is an efficient and reliable home heating system. They also have comparatively low upfront costs.

Just remember that the only way in which to get the best performance that any furnace has to offer is to work with trained professionals. At Greenleaf Heating & Cooling, our technicians are continually trained in order to guarantee that they are up to date with the latest products, technology, and methodology in the industry. If you are in need of the best residential heating services in Whittier, including furnace repair / installation, you've come to the right place. 

Schedule your furnace services in Whittier, CA with our team of licensed and insured contrators. 

Professional Furnace Replacement or Installation

Regardless of whether you choose to use an electric furnace in Whittier, CA, or if natural gas is your fuel of choice, you have to schedule your furnace installation with trained professionals. The sizing of your system must be appropriate for your home, the ductwork must be well–designed, and everything must be expertly installed. We’ll ensure that this is the case.

We are also happy to replace an existing furnace when the time comes. Routine maintenance will help you to get the longest lifespan possible from your furnace. Like any mechanical system, however, furnaces do have finite lifespans. Eventually, a replacement will be necessary.

Fast and Effective Furnace Repairs in Whittier

If so, then you need to dial our number right away. Our technicians are the ones that you want diagnosing and repairing your furnace. We fix it right the first time! Keep your eyes peeled for signs of trouble with your furnace.

  • Loud, unfamiliar operating sounds.
  • Strange odors (including the sulfuric scent of natural gas).
  • Uneven temperatures throughout house.
  • Short cycling.
  • Frequently tripped breaker.

We Offer Routine Furnace Maintenance

If you are serious about keeping your furnace in the best working condition possible, then annual maintenance is an absolute must. Our technicians are ready and willing to thoroughly inspect and tune up your furnace.

We’ll change your filters, evaluate fuel delivery and combustion systems, test all electrical connections, thoroughly clean the unit, and more. Our technicians are also factory certified by most major brands, and also with The Inspector™, a camera that allows for an HD view into the furnace itself. Call today to have your furnace tuned up by qualified professionals.

Need Help Choosing a Furnace? Gas or Electric

Once you’ve decided to use a furnace in order to heat your home, you still have to determine which type of furnace you will use. Generally, the decision will come down to a gas furnace or an electric furnace. Both have their pros and cons.

Gas furnaces use natural gas in order to create heat. They combust this gas, which is piped directly into the house and to the appliances using it. Natural gas can also be used with ranges, ovens, water heaters, and even clothes dryers. Not everyone has existing gas hookups, though, and natural gas is not available everywhere.

Electric furnaces may be pretty expensive when compared to natural gas. Electric furnaces are still very efficient, as they don’t lose heat to flue gases. The cost of electricity usually means that they are still more costly to operate, however. If natural gas is not an option in your neighborhod, an electric furnace is still a great option. 

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