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Thermostats in Whittier, CA

Your thermostat may not be the most elaborate piece of equipment in your HVAC system. It is, however, the component of this system that you have the most direct interaction with. If you really want to control your air conditioning or heating system in a satisfactory manner, then you need to have the right thermostat in place.

Should you require a new thermostat in Whittier, CA for any reason, you need only give Greenleaf Heating & Cooling a call. We are continually training, and are up to date on all of the latest technological advancements in the industry. With our help, you can know for certain that you have the right thermostat in place.

Get to Know Your Options

If you are still using an old manual thermostat with slide or dial controls, the time for an upgrade is definitely upon you. These old models simply cannot match today’s technologies. Before you invest in a new thermostat, make sure that you know what’s available.

  • Digital thermostats are a great starting place if you are just moving away from a very old thermostat. Their push–button controls and easy–to–read displays make setting temperatures accurately a breeze. We recommend that you opt for a programmable model.
  • Wireless thermostats take convenience even further. With a wireless thermostat, the thermostat control itself is not hard wired into the system. A receiver is, leaving the thermostat free to roam the house with you. You won’t have to get out of bed to adjust temperatures ever again!
  • Smart thermostats represent the latest and greatest in thermostat technology. When you use a smart thermostat, you can adjust your HVAC system remotely through an app on your smart phone, or any other internet–enabled device. Some models even learn your preferences in order to operate automatically!

We Install All Types of Thermostats

We know that there are a lot of very handy home and commercial property owners out there. If you really want your HVAC system to function properly, though, it is important that you know for certain that your thermostat in Whittier, CA is installed correctly. This is not a job that you can handle on your own.

There are more factors to consider than you may realize when it comes to a thermostat installation. From the location of the thermostat for convenience to its proximity to windows and doorways, a number of factors will inform the ideal spot for the thermostat. We’ll make sure that yours is in the place that makes the most sense.

Let Us Replace Your Thermostat

When you are ready for a thermostat replacement, just give us a call. It doesn’t matter if your existing thermostat has failed, or if you just want to try something new with your thermostat. We’ll work with you to guarantee your 100% satisfaction with your new thermostat. We can install a new WiFi thermostat that works perfectly with your existing furnace, ductless HVAC system, central AC system, or dual fuel HVAC system

If your thermostat is unreliable, you are going to put excess wear and tear on your HVAC system. You will not live as comfortably as you ought to, and you are going to be paying more for this reduced comfort. You deserve better than this, and our technicians are here to ensure that you get it. We fix it right the first time!

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