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Replace Your AC Now if Experiencing Any of These 3 Things

Monday, August 13th, 2018

old-air-conditioner-junk-yardThe idea of replacing your air conditioner probably sounds like a hassle, but the only thing worse is not replacing it when you’re already dealing with a less than satisfactory AC experience. The longer you keep paying for a bad air conditioner, the more money you’ll have spent overall. To help you see it our way, we’ve prepared three reasons why you might need to replace your AC right now.

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Now Is the Time for Air Conditioning Replacement

Monday, December 18th, 2017

air-conditioning-maintenanceAir conditioning season never really ends in Southern California, as our current spate of hot, dry weather shows. That can make things tricky when you have an air conditioner on its last legs and you need time to get it replaced.

The good news is that the weather is finally beginning to cool off, and if your AC needs replacing, now is the optimum time to do so. It gives you months of comparatively cool weather to plan for an AC replacement session, allowing you to set a schedule that matches your busy life. But how can you determine if your air conditioner is ready for replacement? Here are a few tips to help you out.

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Should You Repair or Replace an Older HVAC System?

Monday, September 25th, 2017

air-conditioning-maintenanceWith the coming of autumn comes cooler temperatures and a reduced need for your HVAC system. We’ve probably got a few hot days left in the year, and winter nights mean increased heating needs, but for now, the transitional season and mild temperatures in Southern California mean that most of us can turn off our HVAC systems without any serious issues.

That makes this an excellent time to give your heating and air conditioning system a thorough going-over, and deciding whether or not to replace it. If it’s running fine, the answer is probably “no.” But if there’s a problem requiring repairs, you’ll need to make a hard choice: do you pay for the repair job or replace the system entirely? Only you can answer that question, since it depends on the specifics of your HVAC system. There are a few guidelines which you can follow to help make that decision.

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How to Tell If You Should Replace an Older Air Conditioner

Monday, August 14th, 2017

air-conditioning-repairSummertime is here, and in Southern California, that means soaring temperatures. Heat waves can hit use at anytime, with the mercury climbing well above 100 degrees in the bargain, and if you have an older air conditioner, the strain of keeping it running might prove to be too much. We get a lot of repair calls this time of years and an equal number of replacement calls as well. You simply can’t go without a functioning air conditioner in this part of the world in August, but the difference in cost between a simple repair job and a flat-out replacement can be considerable. How can you tell when an older air conditioner just needs fixing and when you need to put it out to pasture in favor of a new one?

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Power Levels Are Important with a New AC

Monday, June 5th, 2017

air-conditioning-power-levelsIf you are interested in replacing your outdated air conditioning system with a new one, now is the ideal time to act. We’re enjoying mild weather at the moment, but that will likely change very soon, and when the heat comes, it will likely stay until October at the very soonest. Replacing an outdated system now means enjoying improved efficiency the minute summer begins, which can cut down on your monthly cooling bill a great deal.

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How to Choose a New Air Conditioner

Monday, March 27th, 2017

We’re barely into spring, and yet temperatures in Southern California are already spiking. If your old air conditioner isn’t ready to face the challenges of another scorching summer, now is the time to get it replaced. You still have a few weeks to plan the operation properly, and with the right service in your corner, you can have a new system up and running well before the summer begins in earnest. That means proper planning and as you consider your options, there are several factors you need to keep in mind.

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