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The “V” in HVAC: Ventilation

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

When it comes to indoor comfort, the “V” in HVAC plays a big role that often goes unnoticed. Ventilation, often overshadowed by heating and cooling, plays a large part in creating a healthy and comfortable living environment.

Let’s look closer at the often underappreciated side of HVAC, explore why you should get your ducts tested in Whittier, CA, and learn about the importance of ventilation in your home.

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IRA 25C Tax Credit Details You Can’t Afford to Miss

Monday, August 7th, 2023

As homeowners we’re constantly seeking ways to make our living spaces more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. If you’re considering home improvements that boost energy efficiency, here’s some news. The IRS offers a valuable incentive known as the IRA 25C tax credit in Whittier, CA. This tax credit rewards you for making energy-efficient upgrades to your home reducing both your energy bills and your tax liability. Let’s take a look at the key details of the IRA 25C Tax Credit. Here’s how you can take advantage of this opportunity to save money while contributing to a greener future.

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Why the Size of Your Air Conditioner Matters

Monday, June 15th, 2020

Are you ready for a brand new AC installation in Glendale, CA? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We install high-quality systems the right way, every step of the way. And part of that process is absolutely determining what size of air conditioner you need. There is nothing even remotely resembling a one size fits all option when it comes to a whole-house air conditioning system.

Determining how big your air conditioner needs to be also isn’t as simple as asking what the square footage of your home is. A thorough cooling load calculation takes into account a lot more than that, including considerations about heat gain. And before you ask, no—bigger is not always better, either. The only right air conditioner for your home is one that is of the right size, and we will make sure that this is the case.

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Make Your AC Installation a Success

Monday, June 1st, 2020

When you schedule an AC installation in Long Beach, CA, you are making a major investment. It goes without saying that you want to get the very best return possible, as with any investment that you make. In order to ensure that this is the case, you need to take a few steps on your own. No, we are not talking about rolling up your sleeves and attempting to install your new air conditioning system on your own, either! That is definitely not a job for the DIY enthusiast.

There are plenty of other steps that you can take to help ensure that your air conditioning installation is a success, though. We’ll run through some of them today. They’re all very simple, and will help to ensure that you get the very best from your new air conditioner for many years to come. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the professionals on our team. We are here to provide any insight and answers that you may need.

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Signs That It’s Time to Repair Your Furnace

Monday, January 13th, 2020

No, we don’t mean for you to repair your furnace on your own. There is never a furnace repair job that is simple and straightforward enough for a nonprofessional to handle. When your furnace is in need of repairs, it is time to call upon our trained professionals. It’s just that simple.

What’s not so simple, however, is figuring out when your furnace is actually in need of repairs. We understand that you don’t want to schedule furnace repair in Whittier when it’s not really necessary, but you also really need to jump on it when problems do develop. Today, we’ll be sharing some signs that are red flags for furnace repair needs.

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Keep a Fresh Filter in Your Furnace!

Monday, November 18th, 2019

That title is pretty direct, isn’t it? Well, sometimes it just really pays to be direct. This is one of those cases. We don’t have the most intense winter weather in this part of the country, obviously, which is why some homeowners allow themselves to be lulled into a false sense of security. To that we say—enough!

It may not be that cold around here in the winter, but that doesn’t mean that you can afford to take any chances with your home heating system. Do everything that you can to avoid problems with your heater. The simplest thing you can do is also one of the most effective. Changing the filter in your HVAC system in Glendale, CA.

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The Legendary Douglas Raymond Farnik

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Our beloved boss passed away and he will be greatly missed. We are thankful for his life and for sharing his wisdom with us so we can continue the business that he created that has served so many. RIP Doug, we love you.

The legendary Douglas Raymond Farnik, age 70, passed away Friday, Aug. 10, 2018, from a severe heart attack at his home in Joshua Tree.

Doug was born in Havre, Montana, on Feb. 23, 1948, son of Joseph and Dorothy Farnik.

He was raised on a farm 8 miles north of a small rural town, Hingham, population 150.

He loved animals: cows, pigs, chickens, his horse Sye and especially dogs. He helped his dad on the wheat farm from an early age, learning to operate all kinds of equipment. His mother, Dorothy, started him playing the keyboards at age 9, going 100 miles one way to Great Falls once a week for lessons. Doug played organ at Inverness Supper Club with his mother on Saturday nights when he was a teenager. He continued to perform and played almost every weekend and New Year’s Eve until recent years.

He graduated high school from Hingham High in 1966. He played basketball, did many science projects and acted in several plays. His high school selected Doug to go to Montana Boys State. American Legion Boys State is among the most respected and selective educational programs of government instruction for high school students.

He attended the College of Great Falls and the University of Montana in Missoula to pursue his pharmacy degree while playing music at country clubs and bars, making many lifelong friends. In Missoula, the band OPUS 3 was formed. In 1969, the OPUS 3 moved to the LA area to join a show band called The Rising Generation, which toured the United States and Canada and appeared with Tennessee Ernie Ford and Red Skelton. The Rising Generation did a USO tour during the Vietnam War where he played in Guam, the Philippines, Korea and Japan.

In 1972, he began his career in the appliance/central air, construction business, which he has been currently running for over 45 years. In 1983, he married the love of his life, JoNell, while living in Whittier. In 1990, they moved to Joshua Tree, and continued to live in both cities for 28 years.

He enjoyed cooking, reading, gardening, entertaining, traveling, mentoring, solving problems, building houses and listening to jazz music and was a private pilot. His travels and cruises took him all over the world and he especially enjoyed the Czech Republic’s food and beer; that was where his grandfather immigrated from. Most of all, Doug enjoyed spending time with his family and friends, especially the grandchildren.

He is survived by his loving wife, JoNell; his children, Jennifer Ciccone (Harold), Jimmy Meyer, Melody Farnik and Billy Meyer (Sarah); his brothers Jerome (Marilyn) and Michael (Denise); nine grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his mother and father, brother Eddy and his favorite dog, Togo.

A celebration of Doug’s life will be held from 2 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 25, at the Sportsman’s Club at 6225 Sunburst St., in Joshua Tree.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in honor of Doug to his daughter’s nonprofit: or P.O. Box 1413, Joshua Tree, CA 92252.

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Check Out Our Blog for the Latest in HVAC Technology

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Be sure to bookmark the Greenleaf Heating & Cooling blog for updates on the latest advances in HVAC technology.

We’ll feature money saving promotions here as well.

Call Greenleaf Heating & Cooling for all your air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, and commercial HVAC needs.

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Welcome to Our New Website

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

iMarket Solutions has launched Greenleaf Heating & Cooling’s new custom website. To learn more about how iMarket Solutions can expand your presence on the web visit:

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