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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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Here’s Why Now Is the Perfect Time for a Heating Tune-Up!

We don’t get the kind of seasons around here that we see in movies and on television. That’s a good thing in our opinion since we get beautiful sunny weather and mild winters for the majority of the year. No crazy snowstorms for us!

That doesn’t mean we’re off the hook though. Our heaters need to be in good shape when the winter rolls around, otherwise, we’ll still be cold and uncomfortable, especially during the night. It’s important that you schedule your heater for maintenance around this time to help it last longer and run efficiently. Heating systems that undergo a routine tune-up every year will not only save you money in the long run, but will also need repairs less often than an unmaintained system.

Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of a heater tune-up. We’ll specify why fall is the perfect time of year to get your heater serviced by a professional.

Your System Will Have Fewer Repair Needs

The first and most immediate benefit you get from maintenance is the fact that your heater is much less likely to break down during the wintertime. Maintenance allows for a professional technician to repair small issues in your heater, as well as lubricate components and allow for maximum efficiency.

If there are any budding problems in your heater, a technician is sure to spot them and discuss options with you. Many times we can just nip them in the bud during maintenance so you’re good to go for the future!

You’ll Have Improved Efficiency and Comfort

An unmaintained heating system is going to run into two major problems throughout its lifespan.

  • Inefficiency. As a heater gets older and wears down, it will start becoming less efficient. It needs to use more energy or fuel to heat your home and this will translate into a higher cost per month.
  • Loss of comfortable heat. As a system suffers from wear and tear, it will lose the ability to effectively heat your home the way you want it to.

Maintenance helps save off these problems as long as it’s done routinely. A heater tune-up can keep the system running efficiently as it consumes as little fuel or energy as possible. Maintenance will also keep temperatures cozy and comfortable without strain on your system.

Your Heater Will Last Longer and Operate More Safely

For homeowners out there with a gas furnace, maintenance is even more important. An unmaintained furnace can start leaking gas or carbon monoxide as it gets worn down and components start to fail or crack. Maintenance ensures your heating system runs safely and lasts as long as possible without compromising your health.

Ask about Our Maintenance Program!

Need an extra nudge in the right direction? Our maintenance program comes with a wide variety of perks and additional benefits that homeowners can take advantage of. This includes discounts on repairs, same-day priority service, and coil cleanings for air conditioner systems.

Click here to check out our maintenance program!

Professional maintenance is key to preventing surprise heating repairs in Pasadena, CA. Contact Greenleaf Heating & Cooling today to schedule your next tune-up!

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