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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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HVAC-contractor-serviceA good heating and air conditioning system is built to last, and will run for a long time before needing repairs or replacement. This is especially true with commercial buildings, where problems with the HVAC system can be devastating.

Reliable HVAC service starts with a reliable HVAC system, and there’s no more important time in the system’s life than when it first gets installed. That requires specific HVAC contractor services, which can be more complex than other types of HVAC service. The benefits of hiring the right team are tremendous, however. 

Contractors Need to Be Prepared

Contracting work begins early on, with the planning stages of the building. It means more than just agreeing to take the job. Every building is unique, and as such the heating and cooling needs are unique as well. Restaurants, for example, likely need cold storage, which office buildings with many stories will need greater cooling power for upper stories, since hot air rises. even worse, tenants might change over the course of the building’s life and the HVAC system may need to be adjustable in size and power output in order to meet those needs.

All of that can be discussed and disseminated in the planning stage of the operation. That way, the building’s needs can be discussed — in the long term as well as the short — and the correct system for the space can be decided on well before work begins. It also ensures that your HVAC contractors are in sync with the other members of your team, and that different components in the new building — such as the plumbing or electrical system — can be installed without different teams inadvertently working at cross-purposes.

Unexpected Problems are No Problem

That’s one big part of an HVAC contractor’s job. The other one comes in the midst of the construction itself. It starts by ensuring that the system is put in the right way: using quality components such as high-e3nd bolts and double-checking every step to make sure there’s nothing work. That will help the system work the way it should the first day the building is occupied, as well as cutting down on wear and tear and ensuring that everything works as intended.

But it goes beyond that. Few construction projects ever reach completion without encountering unexpected problems. Bad weather, missed shipments, all manner of surprising developments: the only thing you can count on is having to deal with something you couldn’t have seen coming.

When that happens, it’s all the more important that your HVAC contractor be on site and ready to go. They can help you factor in the impact that any delays or trouble on the system, as well as finding immediate solutions to the problem and implementing them quickly. Such attention to detail means that the project reaches completion on schedule and that you can get around any issues you and your team may encounter.

For quality HVAC contractors in the Long Beach, CA area, call on the friendly pros at Greenleaf Heating & Cooling today!

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