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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954
Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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Here’s What AC Services We Offer


We’ve had a cold and often rainy winter in Southern California, and so far the early spring hasn’t got much warmer. But make no mistake: the hot weather is on its way and we can anticipate another summer of scorching heat. This is when scheduling air conditioning service can turn into the top priority for a home.

We offer air conditioning service in Whittier, CA and throughout SoCal—we’ve been experts in both commercial and residential air conditioning since 1956, so we definitely know how to best deal with the California heat. When people think of AC services, they often just consider repairs. Our AC services go much further. Below are some of the air conditioning services you’ll find at our company.

High-Quality Installations

The most important day for any air conditioning system is the day it’s installed. A poor installation will negatively affect the AC for the rest of its service life, while an excellent installation means years of problem-free and efficient performance. We install the finest air conditioning products with a level of workmanship that we back up with the best warranties in the industry! Here are several of the air conditioning types we install:

  • Central ACs: These are the “standards” for most homes: split-system ACs with an outdoor condenser, indoor evaporator, and blower fan to send cooled air into the ductwork.
  • Ductless mini splits: A great cooling option for homes and commercial buildings without ducts, these systems have an outdoor condenser but multiple indoor evaporators and blower fans mounted on the walls of different rooms.
  • Heat pumps: Would you like an air conditioning system that also works as a heater during the winter? Heat pumps are great for SoCal’s hot summers and the mild winters, and are common for businesses. 
  • Evaporative coolers: An alternative to using refrigerant-based air conditioning, evaporative coolers use water to cool down the air and they use less power than standard ACs.

Great Regular Maintenance

Routine maintenance is a crucial part of ensuring your AC works for as long as possible with high energy efficiency and few malfunctions. You must have professionals take care of maintenance, and Greenleaf has several excellent maintenance programs that make this job easier than ever.

You can choose the maintenance plan that best meets your budget and needs. Along with air conditioning maintenance, you’ll receive heating maintenance as well as special membership benefits for a fantastic overall value on this essential service.

Duct Testing and Sealing

If your home or commercial facility uses ductwork for its AC, taking care of the ductwork is an important part of keeping the system working right. We encourage homeowners and business owners to schedule duct testing every few years to locate the leaks that can result in a large loss of cool air and money. We can easily seal the ducts if we find any leaks.

Thermostat Service

Don’t forget the importance of the thermostat for your AC’s successful operation! If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your comfort, convenience, and energy savings, our team can outfit your HVAC system with the latest in Wi-Fi and smart thermostat technology.

Don’t see what you need here? Don’t worry—call us today and we’ll take care of your cooling needs.

Greenleaf Heating & Cooling serves all of Southern California. Contact us today to arrange for any residential or commercial air conditioning service you need.

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