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Tips for Improved Heating Efficiency


One question that every HVAC contractor in Long Beach hears from time to time is “how do I improve energy efficiency?” Some homeowners worry that such questions will prompt their contractor to go into sales mode, and that the solution will be to drop thousands of dollars on new, efficient equipment that the homeowner just really cannot afford. We are here to tell you that new equipment is not your only option for boosting heating and cooling efficiency.

Now, this isn’t meant to suggest that you shouldn’t invest in new HVAC equipment in order to improve your overall energy efficiency levels. In some cases, that may in fact be your best course of action—particularly if you have very old heating and/or cooling equipment in place. However, there are plenty of other options that you can use to your advantage that come at a significantly smaller expense. Read on, and let us help you keep comfortable affordably!

Run Your Ceiling Fan in the Winter

That may sound counterintuitive to you, but the reason for that is actually probably due to a fundamental misunderstanding of how it is that ceiling fans operate. A lot of people associate ceiling fans with the summertime and cooling their homes, but ceiling fans do not, in fact, do anything to cool your home! That doesn’t mean they don’t help boost comfort. They just don’t do so through active cooling.

Instead, ceiling fans help to effectively circulate air throughout your home. When you run an air conditioner or open your windows when things cool down outside, running your ceiling fan will help to distribute that cooler air throughout the house. And, when you run your ceiling fan in the appropriate direction in the winter—there’s a switch on the fan’s case that allows you to change rotation directions—you can help to force warm air that’s risen to the ceiling back down into the living space, boosting comfort and efficiency.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

We told you that you don’t have to replace your entire HVAC system to achieve greater energy efficiency, and that’s true. However, you might seriously want to consider replacing a component or two of that system. A very likely candidate for such a replacement is your thermostat, particularly if you’re still using a manual model.

Even a basic digital thermostat is going to help you to boost energy efficiency through more accurate temperature setting, and programmability features or even smart thermostat technology will help you to take greater control over your comfort and its associated costs than ever before. Contact us if you’re ready to improve your system control.

Maintenance Is Everything

Even if you successfully ran a marathon last year, you can’t expect to roll off the couch after months of inactivity and do it again just because you’ve one success under your belt. The same is true of heating your home. Your heater requires routine maintenance to keep it in the best working condition possible.

You can do your part by ensuring that your forced air heating system has a fresh air filter in place, but remember too that you do need a professional to come and tune your system up annually. Only then can you expect your heater to really deliver the very best, most efficient performance that it has to offer.

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