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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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It’s Not too Early to Be Thinking About Your Heater

We get it. It’s still hot out there. Really hot. During the day, at least. But you’ve probably felt the chill creeping into our nighttime temperatures, right? As we drop into the 60s and even the 50s over night, it’s clear that you’ll be firing up your heating system before too long.

While our winter weather may be pretty mild compared to other areas of the country, there is no denying the need for a great heating system. Even the best systems will require repairs at some point, though. Here are a few tips for recognizing the need for heating repair in Glendale, CA.

1. Pay Attention to Your Bills

One of the first signs of trouble with a heating system is a spike in heating costs. You’ll obviously be paying more to heat your home the colder it is and the more you’re running your heater. We’re willing to be that you have a general idea of what your heating costs should be, though.

If you notice that your heating costs are a lot higher than usual, but you haven’t been using your heater any differently than usual, let us know. Just because your heater is running does not mean that it is running right. We’ll figure out what’s causing this inefficiency.

2. Listen to What Your System’s Telling You

Some heating systems, like electric radiant heaters, will operate pretty much silently. For the most part, though, heaters do make some noise when operating. This may be the rumbling of a boiler to the sound of air being forced through ducts.

But you should understand what a normal baseline amount of noise from your heater is, vs. something alarming. If your heater is making strange new sounds, or if it is just a lot louder than usual, then you probably have an issue requiring professional service on your hands.

“Good Enough” Isn’t Good Enough!

When your heater is struggling to heat your home effectively, don’t just settle for that subpar performance. The longer you let your heater limp along, the greater the risk of serious problems developing. Uneven heating, lukewarm temps—any matter of underperformance is one you should take seriously.

Remember, even if your heater is “good enough,” you’re probably pairing that subpar performance with higher heating costs. What’s that mean? You’re paying more for less! And we know that you and all of our clients deserve better than that.

Don’t Skip Maintenance

The single best way to prevent heating problems? Scheduling routine heating maintenance. There is simply nothing better that you can do for your heater.

Routine maintenance doesn’t just help to prevent repairs. It also helps to cut heating costs in order to minimize your bills. Check out our maintenance program and its benefits if you haven’t already. Ready to enroll? Just let us know. We’ll make sure that you’ve found the right tier for your needs. You deserve the best that your heater has to offer.

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