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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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It’s Fine to Skip Maintenance This Year, Right?  

It’s the middle of winter in Southern California, and you still haven’t gotten maintenance for your heating system. You’ve made it this far without an issue, so you might as well try to finish out the season without maintenance, right?

You could, but we have to warn you: that’s most likely going to do the opposite of what you want. The homeowners that neglect maintenance often do so because they want to save money. In reality, neglecting maintenance is a gamble without any positive gain.

Skipping Maintenance Loses You More Money Than You Save

You may have neighbors who tell you that they’ve never had maintenance, and they’ve never had a problem with their HVAC system. And if that’s true, we applaud the handiwork of the technicians who installed their system. However, here’s what they’re not accounting for:

Cost of Repairs

If your heater develops an issue due to neglect of maintenance, you just can’t predict how much it’s going to cost. For example, repairing a blower motor isn’t nearly as expensive as replacing the blower motor. Of course, the reason that blower motor needs to be replaced could be because no one was able to inspect it ahead of time.

Budgeting in maintenance services or a maintenance plan is far easier than budgeting for unforeseen repair issues.

Wear and Tear’s Effects on Efficiency

To continue with the above example, imagine that your blower motor was damaged and in need of repair. It would be struggling to perform at its normal level of performance. That would lead to decreased airflow, possible overheating, and the heater would need to work longer than usual to try and warm up the home.

All of those factors will weigh down efficiency, leading higher heating bills and eventually a repair problem.

Safety Checks and Precautions

No maintenance means there’s no one to come inspect your system. For example, flue pipes and heat exchangers are two of the biggest safety hazards in a gas furnace. Either of them can produce carbon monoxide leaks if they’re in poor condition. Plus, if the system isn’t working properly, it can create the risk of house fires. These accident can easily be prevented with regular maintenance from a heating company in Long Beach, CA.

Save Even More with a Maintenance Plan

Maintenance is estimated to prevent about 85% of repair problems. For the other 15% of the time, you need someone there for you. That’s when it pays to have a maintenance plan.

Maintenance is only needed twice a year. Therefore, a maintenance plan is what gives you value for every other day in the year. A good plan will have several benefits that can be used with HVAC services not related to those maintenance calls. For example, qualities like:

  • Priority service that guarantees you’ll have your HVAC system inspected within the day.
  • Percent-off discounts for any repair services.
  • Extra services that help performance, such as washing down coils.

Our maintenance plan is available for both residential and commercial jobs and includes a 32-point check up on all of your AC and heating units.

Speak with one of our technicians to learn more about maintenance for your HVAC system. Contact Green Leaf Heating & Cooling today.

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