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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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Get Those Last-Minute Heating Repairs Done Now

time-for-serviceAccording to the calendar, winter is over. It’s also over for most Californians, too.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t still getting our share of uncomfortably cold nights. You might have to fire up your furnace or heater a few more times to stay cozy.

If you do, take note of how your system operates. If it displays any signs of operational issues, we highly suggest calling in for some last-minute repairs. Just because it’s “the end of the season” doesn’t mean you should put off those problems until fall.

We’ll give you an idea of some common last-minute heating repair issues that you can watch out for, and why you shouldn’t wait until next season.

Warning Signs That Justify Last-Minute Repair Services

Since you’ve been running your heater through most of the season already, that should have provided a reference point for what “good performance” looks like. Therefore, it shouldn’t be difficult to note the dip in performance caused by any of the following issues:

  • The Heater is Slower: Is the heater simply not warming up the home as fast as it used to? Don’t assume you’re being impatient—dwindling performance is a very real symptom of a heater in need of repairs. This is especially likely if you haven’t been keeping up with maintenance checks.
  • Raise in the Heating Bill: Has your heating bill increased over the season? How about in comparison to last year? If your heating bill is higher than usual, don’t just chalk it up to colder weather. Many times, homeowners only become aware of a repair issue thanks to increases in the heating bill.
  • Troublesome Noises: If you’re driving down the freeway and your car suddenly starts making strange noises, you’re going to pull over and try to find the cause of the problem. It’s no different when it comes to your heater. Clunking, banging, rattling, and screeching are big indicators that a component of your heater is malfunctioning. Have it checked by an expert of HVAC in Glendale, CA before continuing to run it.

Why Not Just Wait Until Next Time?

Of course, you might also be wondering why you shouldn’t just put off these repairs until next season. If the damage is already done, there’s no use in rushing to have it fixed, right?

Unfortunately, this way of thinking doesn’t apply to a machine like a heater. That’s because these problems will only get worse with more use.

Even if you’re certain that you won’t use your heater until next year, there are plenty of benefits to having the repairs settled now:

  • If you do need to fire up the heater again, you’ll be actively contributing to more damage and a potential breakdown.
  • Getting the repairs over with will allow you to transition into winter with complete peace of mind.
  • If it’s found that your heater is too old and needs to be replaced, you’ll have the entire spring and summer to research your options and save money for that replacement.

End the season on a high note with a proper heater tune-up or repair. Contact Greenleaf Heating & Cooling today to schedule a service.

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