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3 Reasons Why Heating Maintenance Matters

It is that time of the year already. The time when we start urging homeowners to make sure they’re taking care of their heaters. When we encourage them to enroll in one of our Maintenance Program tiers.

And when we start going on service calls to address problems that homeowners encounter because they didn’t heed our advice.

Don’t be one of those homeowners. We know there is a lot going on. We know that heating maintenance isn’t a free service. But we also know that heater maintenance in Whittier, CA, is the best bet for protecting your system throughout the coldest time of the year.

Okay, But I’m Doing It Myself

Okay, but we’ll be seeing you before long. There are definitely a couple of general maintenance tasks that you can handle on your own. Use a heat pump to heat your home? Keep the outdoor free of debris. Use a heat pump or a furnace to heat your home? Those are forced air systems, and you need to change the filters regularly.

Beyond that, it’s really a job for professionals. We’ll check heat pump refrigerant levels, we’ll assess relays and electrical controls, lubricate all moving parts—the list really goes on and on. If you’re serious about maintenance being done right, then you need maintenance done professionally.

Okay, But Why Bother?

My heater is working just fine, I don’t need service.


Your heater is working just fine, and it needs service to continue doing so.

Poorly maintained heaters run into a number of different issues. Routine, annual heating maintenance means:

  • A more efficient performance. If your heater is well-maintained, then it is going to require less energy to heat your home effectively. The less energy that your system uses to heat your home, the less you pay!
  • A more reliable performance. If your heater is well-maintained, then it is going to be more reliable. Repairs will be fewer and further in between, meaning fewer bills and greater comfort.
  • A longer lifespan. Skipping a single tune-up doesn’t mean that your heater is suddenly going to break down entirely. Neglecting its maintenance needs over time does mean a shortened lifespan, though.

We Make Maintenance Easier Than Ever!

When you enroll in our Silver, Gold, or Platinum Maintenance Plan, maintenance isn’t something you have to worry about! You get scheduled in for 2 tune-ups per year, you get new filters, you get service discounts—you get peace of mind.

With things being made this easy for you, there is really no excuse for overlooking your heating system’s maintenance needs.

We’re more than happy to repair your heater for you. There is money to be made in the heating repair market. But we care about our customers, and we know that repairs aren’t something anyone looks forward to. That’s why we’d rather help you to avoid them entirely through our exceptional maintenance service!

Schedule your heating maintenance with the professionals on the Greenleaf Heating & Cooling. We will keep you warm and cozy, reliably.

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