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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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Are Rooftop Units the Best Choice for Businesses?


The short answer to this question is, “yes, probably!” But don’t worry, we’ll elaborate a bit more.

When you need to provide effective and efficient heating or cooling to your commercial space, rooftop units are the most popular choice. You’re already familiar with them, even if you’re not aware you are. You’ve seen them on top of buildings, if not in downtown areas or business parks then on TV or in the movies. These systems are common for a reason! We’re about to tell you why…

Rooftop Units Save Space

The main reason that HVAC systems are put on the top of commercial buildings to begin with was simply that there was no other space available. Early central heating and cooling systems for commercial spaces were added onto structures that existed in crowded downtown areas where there was no space surrounding the exterior for the large units needed to condition the whole building. Up on the roof, they don’t take up valuable real estate, and they are less prone to suffer from damage or vandalism.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Modern rooftop HVAC systems are available in higher efficiencies that alternative types of commercial cooling and heating systems. They also have more ventilation options available (like the option to put in a humidistat) which can help improve indoor air quality.

Easy to Access

No, we don’t mean your HVAC systems are easy for you to access, but rather easy for our commercial technicians to access. We wouldn’t want you to go up on your rooftop and try to do any repairs or anything else to your rooftop HVAC system. That’s a safety risk that isn’t worth taking.

But what we mean is that our highly trained professionals can access your rooftop easily without disrupting your workspace. You don’t have to worry about any clutter–we take care of all that. And unlike a traditional split-system air conditioner or heat pump system that has multiple components, the rooftop system is all packaged in one cabinet, so it’s even easier for us to service.

Quiet Operation

You don’t usually hear the sound of an air conditioner or heating system inside an office building, right? You may hear the whoosh of air as it goes through your vents, but with rooftop units, all the mechanical components–that is all the noisy components–are housed up high, away from the workspace.

They’re Modular

If you look on the rooftop of a typical commercial building, you will notice multiple packaged HVAC units. This is because the systems are designed to be modular. This setup allows you to add or take away systems as your business needs change. This isn’t something that’s possible with a conventional split-system air conditioner that has to use indoor components as well.

If you have any other questions about rooftop units or what your other commercial HVAC options are (for instance, if you’re a smaller commercial building, you may want to look into a ductless system), please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

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