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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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Why Most Businesses Choose Rooftop HVAC Systems for Their Space


It’s no secret that HVAC equipment isn’t the prettiest thing to look at. And depending on the size of your business or the commercial space you’re in, you may not even have the space for a large HVAC system. Plus, who really wants to see your HVAC unit when they walk into your business?

Fortunately, there is another option–rooftop units. These are packaged HVAC systems that are installed on rooftops that tie directly into your building’s ductwork. We’ve highlighted a few of the main benefits of installing rooftop units for your business below–read on!

Rooftop Units Save Space

Commercial rooftop HVAC systems have all their heating and cooling components in a single package, making it easy and convenient to install on a roof.

This means you don’t need to use up space outside your business that should be reserved for other key components like parking, building expansions, or even landscaping.

Rooftop Units are Pre-Assembled

Having a roof-mounted HVAC system is a pretty easy job for our installers since the equipment comes as a complete package, with all the components already in place. This means that having new units installed will pose no major business interruptions for your space.

Rooftop Units Are Easy to Maintain

Just like your residential air conditioner or heater at home, your commercial HVAC system does require routine professional maintenance to help it operate as effectively and efficiently as possible, for as long as possible.

Professional commercial HVAC maintenance helps prevent wear and tear, and has a number of other cost-saving benefits for you and your business. What’s great is that our technicians can easily access your rooftop units, so you don’t need to worry about a major business interruption for this service to occur.

If you’re wondering if maintenance is worth it–professional maintenance, done once a year for your heater and once a year for your air conditioner, reduces repair needs by as much as 85% and can help those systems retain up to 95% of their original efficiency rating. This means they last longer and cost you less to run as a result.

Rooftop Units Are Energy Efficient

Commercial rooftop HVAC systems come with energy-saving features that you can add in order to improve their performance, like variable air volume controls to meet airflow demands, with matching fan speeds.

Programmable thermostats are also an option, so that you can adjust the HVAC systems’ operation according to seasonal changes and occupancy schedules.

Exploring Your Options

If you have any questions about your heating and cooling options, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Rooftop units are not your only option! If you have a smaller brick-and-mortar business, for example, you may prefer a heat pump system or even a ductless system.

Heat pump systems operate as heating and cooling systems, and ductless systems operate on heat pump technology. Ductless systems, as the name implies, don’t require any ducts, saving a lot of space inside your business.

Contact Greenleaf Heating & Cooling today for professional commercial HVAC services in Whittier and beyond!

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