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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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What to Expect With Commercial HVAC Installs

Getting a new commercial HVAC system installed in your building or facility is no small job. The sheer size of the building and the amount of work the system has to do are vastly different than the requirements of a residential system. And that’s just the start of things.

Installing new commercial HVAC in Long Beach, CA is a job that requires a professional who is fully trained and certified to handle these types of systems. When you have pros, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your new system is installed correctly. Here’s what you should know about getting a new commercial heating and cooling system installed.

How long it will take?

This varies depending on how much equipment you need and how large it is, as well as the size of your facility. Our goal at Greenleaf is to make sure we do the job with the least amount of inconvenience to the customer and impact on business operations, so we always aim to get any installation done as fast as possible without making sacrifices in quality. Most installations will take from a day to a week to complete depending on the extent of the job. We’ll give you an upfront estimate of how long we anticipate the installation will take.

Will it disrupt my business?

As we mentioned above, we seek to minimize work disruptions and thankfully that isn’t too difficult for us with most HVAC installations. The majority of HVAC units are rooftop systems so we can replace units without even entering the workspace. If you need to have ductwork replaced or installed for the new HVAC system, the job can enter into the workspace, but we’ll work carefully with you to see that your workflow is allowed to continue. If there will be any need for your business to shut down because of an installation, we’ll tell you far ahead of time so you can make plans.

What are the steps of installation?

There are five major steps in commercial HVAC installation:

  1. Load calculation. Our technicians will measure your facility and analyze it to discern how powerful a heating/cooling system you need. A new system can’t be either too small or too large.
  2. System design. We’ll locate the right units and design the exact type of system necessary.
  3. Planning. We’ll put together a plan to handle the removal of the old unit and installation of the new one so we can present you with a schedule and estimate.
  4. Removal. We remove the current unit (if we’re doing a replacement) and dispose of it properly.
  5. Actual install. The new unit is put in place (this often requires using cranes to get the unit to the roof) and connected to the power and ventilation systems.

The amount of energy the new system will use

We understand that most of our customers are looking to conserve energy and will want to have high-efficiency HVAC units installed. If you are replacing equipment that is more than 15 years old, you can expect to see significant energy savings with a new installation, even one that isn’t high efficiency. However, we strongly recommend looking into high-efficiency units because of how much they will pay you back over a full service life. Our technicians are happy to discuss the various options with you.

Come to Greenleaf Heating & Cooling for your next commercial HVAC system installation.

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