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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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The Top 4 Signs Your AC Needs Repair


Air conditioning repairs aren’t the most convenient thing to schedule for the average homeowner, but when you need them it’s not something you want to put off. We understand the temptation to do so! After all, if your air conditioner is still running and pumping out some cool air, that’s good enough right?

Trust us when we say you don’t want to settle for just “good enough.” This means you’re operating a system that might not be working as efficiently as possible, and so you’re paying more to use it… or it can mean exacerbating wear and tear that will eventually lead to a system breakdown.

Read on as we uncover some of the signs that you might be in need of AC repair, and then give us a call if you notice any of these indicators.

The System Simply Isn’t Keeping You Cool Enough

Sure, this might seem like a pretty obvious sign that your air conditioner is in trouble, or you may be like many homeowners who wait to deal with this type of problem, believing “it’s not that bad.”

This is especially true on milder days… homeowners might have the mentality, “Well it is cooling my home, I just can’t tell because it’s cool outside too.” But the temperature outside should have no impact on whether or not your air conditioner is actually able to reach the desired setting on your thermostat.

Now, when it comes to hotter days, there is something you’ll want to keep in mind–if you’re setting your thermostat 20° below what it is outside, then yes, it may struggle to meet that desired setting. But outside of this, a lack of cooling is absolutely a reason to call our pros.

Your Energy Bills Are on the Rise

Have you noticed that your energy bills have spiked? If your utilities are costing you more than they were this same time last year, it’s a sign that something in your home is working inefficiently, and it could very well be your air conditioner to blame. After all, HVAC systems make up for about half of a home’s entire energy use!

Your System Is Cycling On and Off Rapidly

This process is known as short cycling, and is both the symptom of a problem that already exists in your air conditioner and the cause of further problems.

What happens is that your air conditioner cycles on, doesn’t complete a full cooling cycle, and shuts back down. HVAC systems are designed to run for 15 minutes, give or take, 2-3 times an hour. If yours is running for far less than 15 minutes at a time and turning on and off more than 2-3 times an hour, it’s short-cycling, and can exacerbate wear and tear on the unit.

You Detect Odd Noises from the System

Your air conditioner is never going to be silent. But, you know the day-to-day sounds it makes best. So if anything sounds out of the ordinary, it’s worth giving us a call. This can include sounds like banging, clanging, hissing, or excessive rattling.

We’re always happy to take a look, even if you think your repair need is relatively minor–it’s better safe than sorry!

For reliable air conditioning repair in Whittier, contact Greenleaf Heating & Cooling today!

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