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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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Signs That It’s Time for AC Repairs


Air conditioning systems help you enjoy a higher quality of life. You may not realize how much support they provide until they start to malfunction or lose efficiency. It may start with small signs of trouble that are easy to ignore but don’t fall for that mistake. Waiting can lead to complete system failure and may shorten the overall lifespan of your AC system. 

The first step is to understand the most common signs that it’s time for AC repair. Let’s discuss those signs right now. 

Performance Changes 

If you notice any changes in how your air conditioning system performs, you may need to schedule a service visit from one of our experienced technicians. Some changes that may grab your attention include: 

  • Weaker airflow 
  • Cycling on and off rapidly 
  • Warmer air coming through vents 
  • Moisture accumulation on windows 
  • Inconsistent airflow between rooms

Unidentified Noises or Smells

If your outdoor AC unit suddenly gets louder while operating or makes a screeching noise when shutting down, it’s a potential sign of trouble. You may also notice an odd smell when walking near the outdoor unit. If you check around the unit and find no obvious explanation for the noise or smell, a trained technician will need to inspect your system to determine required repairs. 

Malfunctioning Thermostat 

Your thermostat is the middleman between your indoor environment and your AC system. It allows you to tell your system when you’re too hot, too cold, or just right. When the thermostat stops working properly, that communication is severed. It becomes difficult if not impossible to control the temperature inside. 

Signs of an AC Leak 

The most common sign of an HVAC leak is water accumulation around the outdoor unit. If you only notice the water when it rains, perhaps rainwater is pooling near the unit. If you see the water even in dry conditions, then the water is most likely coming from within your system. 

Increasing Energy Bills

The more inefficient an HVAC system becomes, the more energy it requires to operate. If you notice your energy bill suddenly gets higher or it gradually increases every month, it’s time to search for the cause. An air conditioner in need of repair or replacement is a possibility, especially if you’re also noticing changes in performance or unexplained noises.

Is It Time for AC Repair? 

If you’re nodding your head because any of the above issues apply to your AC right now, it’s time to contact our professionals for a service call. The longer you wait to address air conditioning issues, the more costly the fix may become. We’re committed to helping you determine what repairs are needed and when it’s time for AC replacement. 

Greenleaf Heating & Cooling is your trusted resource for quality AC service. Contact us today!

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