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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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How to Cut Your Air Conditioning Bills This Summer

zone-control-systemWith the coming of spring, we’ve been treated to a great deal of rain here in Southern California: something we desperately need. Soon enough, however, the summer is going to hit us hard, and that means sky-high temperatures and an increased need for your air conditioning system.

To a certain extent, higher AC bills in the summer are inevitable. You’ll be running your system far longer than you do in the winter, after all. But just because you’re paying more for your air conditioning in the summer doesn’t mean you should pay more than is absolutely necessary. With a few weeks to go before the temperatures really start to ramp up, now is the time to take serious steps to cut your air conditioning bills. We’ve provided a few handy tips below.

Get Your System Serviced

A servicing session is like a tune-up for your air conditioner. The technician gives it a thorough look and checks it for problems both large and small. In the case of little problems — like loose bolts or clogged filters — the technician can fix them as part of the service. If the problems require a formal repair session to resolve, the technician can schedule it with you immediately.

Either way, the servicing session helps cut down on waste and help your air conditioner perform more efficiently. That means it won’t cost quite as much to run during the summer: lowering monthly bills and strain on individual components.

Try a Zone Control System

Zone control systems are essentially a series of valves and shutters installed at key points in your air conditioning ducts. They can be opened and closed independently of each other, allowing you to control the temperature in different sections of your home completely separate from each other. Besides letting individual family members set the temperature in their rooms to suit their tastes, they let you turn off the cool air in parts of the home you aren’t using (such as bedrooms during the day) while still running it in parts of the home you are. That can cut down on your air conditioning bills a great deal without denying you the cool air you need to beat the heat.

Dehumidifiers Can Help

High humidity levels are not uncommon in the Southland in the summer, making your home feel like a swamp. Central air conditioners can serve as dehumidifiers by default, but they’re not set up for such duties, and the added strain can elevate your monthly bills considerably. A whole-house dehumidifier lets you set the humidity levels to whatever is most comfortable to you. More importantly, they can ease the strain on your air conditioning system: letting it do its job without struggling under the weight of excessive humidity.

If these sound like good options for your home, there’s a service to contact that can take care of everything for you. For air conditioner repair and other HVAC services in Diamond Bar, CA, call the friendly pros at Greenleaf Heating & Cooling today to make an appointment!

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