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How Leaky Ductwork Affects Your Air Conditioner


What do you consider to be a major air conditioning problem? Let us take a guess. You consider it a problem when your system won’t start up at all. Or when it only runs in short bursts. Or when it runs, but the air it pumps out simply isn’t all that cool. We get it—these are definitely problems. Not all issues that your AC is up against will have such obvious symptoms, though.

A major problem that too few homeowners really give much thought to is damaged, leaky ductwork. Consider this, though. Every bit of air that your air conditioner cools, and that you pay for your air conditioner to cool, is distributed throughout your house through this system of ductwork. With that in mind, it should be pretty obvious that leaks in your air ducts are a big deal! Here’s how it will affect your home cooling system and your experience with it.

Losing Conditioned Air Means Wasting Energy

Perhaps the strongest argument for why you want to deal with leaky ductwork immediately is the amount of energy you’ll be wasting by using leaky ducts. Why is that a problem? Well, again, you’re paying for that energy that is going to waste. This means that you’re overpaying to cool your home.

Is the conditioned air leaking out of your ductwork going to somehow disappear completely? No, it won’t. But it will likely be leaking out of your system somewhere where it’s not doing much good for you. Consider the fact that your ductwork is largely hidden from view. Not much sense in cooling your unfinished attic or the space between walls as air leaks out of the ducts passing through those spaces, is there?

It Means Paying More for Less Comfort

What’s worse than the increased cooling costs that you’ll likely see when you’re running a system with leaky ducts? How about the fact that you are actually paying more for less? Less comfort, less cooling output—less success! We think that you deserve more than that.

Remember, even if that leak is somewhere in your occupied living space, it is going to result in uneven cooling throughout the house. The area serviced by the leaking section of ductwork may feel too chilly, while areas beyond that section of ductwork will feel too warm. Don’t let leaky ducts have this negative impact on your overall comfort.

It Requires a Professional Solution

Let’s get to the main point we want to make here today. Yes, leaky ductwork is a serious problem, and you need it resolved ASAP. And yes, you need a professional air conditioning company in La Puente to do the job. Not just any AC company, but one that knows the ins and outs of duct testing and sealing.

We will test your ducts to pinpoint the location of problem areas, and we will make sure that those problem areas are expertly sealed up using the right materials for lasting results. And we’ll do all of this while causing as minimal disruption to your home and your daily routine as possible!

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