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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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Have You Thought About a Dual Fuel HVAC System?

If your answer to the question posted above was something along the lines of, “what’s a dual fuel HVAC system,” then this is the post for you! For starters, a dual fuel HVAC system is one of the best options out there for year-round comfort—and one that too few homeowners seem ready to take advantage of. Naturally, we’ll get into the details further below.

When it comes to heating and air conditioning in Whittier, CA, a dual fuel system offers a level of versatility and reliability that is simply difficult to contend with. Because a dual fuel system essentially rolls two systems into one—more on that below—there are even more considerations to be made than normal in ensuring that you get the best that your system has to offer. That’s where our experts come in!

What Makes a System “Dual Fuel?”

A dual fuel system is acutally pretty much what it sounds like—an HVAC system that uses two different fuel sources. There’s a lot more to it than that very simple breakdown, of course. So, more specifically, a dual fuel system is the pairing of an electric heat pump with a more traditional heat source. Typically, this is a gas furnace.

Heat pumps, if you don’t know, are able to both cool homes just like central air conditioners, and to reverse that cooling process to offer incredibly efficient heating that doesn’t actually require the generation of new heat. With our relatively mild winters, a heat pump is a great option.

So Why Not Just Use a Heat Pump?

Because while our winters are unlikely to completely overwhelm a heat pump, it is possible that the temperatures out there will dip low enough to drag down the overall efficiency with which the heat pump operates. When there is an insufficient amount of thermal energy in the air outside, the heat pump relies more on electricity to heat the house. That comes at a cost.

With a dual fuel system, the system itself does the work of determining which is the most efficient system to be using at any given point. That means that you don’t even have to think about making the switch. When the gas furnace is the better option, it’s going to switch itself over to the gas furnace. When things are once again hospitable enough for the heat pump to do the work, the change back is made!

Make the Switch Today!

If you’re interested in the convenience and the efficiency of a heat pump, and pairing those outstanding benefits with the reliability of a gas furnace for when things really cool down, just let a member of our team know. We can certainly help you to decide if using a dual fuel system in your home is the right option for you.

If so, know that we’ll handle your dual fuel HVAC system installation, repair, and maintenance services with the skill and expertise that the job demands.

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