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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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Ductless HVAC Systems: Year-Round Comfort

This time of the year, as we slide back into the hottest days of summer over the next couple of months, a lot of homeowners start thinking about their air conditioning systems more seriously. To be specific, they start thinking seriously about whether or not their systems have what it takes to get through another summer’s challenges. If you are thinking about potentially replacing your HAVC system, then you should certainly consider a ductless system.

Ductless HVAC in Whittier, CA, is a very enticing option, especially as you begin to educate yourself on how these systems work and the benefits that they have to offer. And make no mistake, the benefits are plentiful! Just remember that even the best systems and the most cutting-edge technology will fail to deliver fully if not installed and serviced properly. That is why you should leave all of your ductless HVAC system services to the pros on our team.

Use One System All Year Long

Here is a brief primer on your typical HVAC systems. Air conditioners don’t “create” cool air. They evaporate refrigerant in order to draw heat out of the air in the house. They then condense this refrigerant in the outdoor unit. That allows them to shed the heat into the air outside. This refrigerant cycle continues until the house is cooled as desired. This is heat transfer.

Your typical heater, like a boiler or a furnace, does create heat. Fuel is combusted or electricity is used to generate new heat. That heat is then applied to air or water, depending upon the system, to be distributed throughout the house. Ductless mini splits, which are a type of heat pump, don’t create new heat, though. Instead, they are able to act like an AC in reverse.

How This Works

It’s actually pretty simple. Heat pumps act just like central ACs in the summer. In the winter, however, they reverse the refrigerant cycle. And that reverses the direction of heat transfer. Now, refrigerant evaporates outdoors. That allows for the absorption of heat from the air outside. That refrigerant is then compressed to boost that thermal energy.

From there, the heat travels to the indoor coil. There, it is condensed, shedding its heat for distribution within the house. Not only does this mean you get the convenience of both heating and cooling your home with just one system, but also that you do so with incredible energy efficiency, since no new heat is created!

Because ductless mini splits also use individual, wall-mounted blowers to distribute conditioned air throughout the house, there is no risk of energy loss via leaky ducts. And, you can easily set different temperatures in different areas of the house. To say that ductless mini splits have a lot to offer is actually a huge understatement, if you ask us. If you’re considering a system replacement, it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Contact Greenleaf Heating & Cooling if you’re interested in going ductless in your home. We can answer any questions that you may have.

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