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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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5 Ways Your AC Wastes Money

Okay, so maybe it’s a little unfair to say it is your AC that is actually wasting the money. More likely, it’s the way that you are using your AC that is causing the problem. Or the way it was installed. Or—you know what, we’ll save it for the list below!

What you need to know right now is that there are a whole lot of different reasons why an air conditioner may cost too much to operate. In many cases, simple upgrades, services, or changes to habits can solve the problem. Don’t put up with high costs any longer. Get the most from your AC in Whittier, CA.

1. Your System’s a Bad Fit

This is not the cause of the problem that you want to encounter. There isn’t much that can be done here other than to replace the system with a properly sized one. You really want to get this right at the time of installation, so work with us. Even we can’t shrink down or enlarge a system to fit post-installation!

2. Your Air Filter Needs Changing

The single best thing that you yourself can do for your AC? Changing the air filter. Yes, really. It’s simple. They’re affordable. And changing this filter regularly saves you money. Clogged filters create airflow resistance and strain air conditioners. So change yours out as needed!

3. Your Thermostat’s an Antique

We’re not trying to sell you on upgrades that you don’t really need here. If you’re using a really old thermostat, there is no way that your system is going to achieve peak efficiency. Get rid of that old round wall thermostat and ditch the sliders. Opt for at least a programmable model, if not a Wi-Fi/smart thermostat.

4. Your Ducts Are in Bad Shape

Out of sight, out of mind? Not on our watch! Take the condition of your air ducts seriously. They’re distributing all of that conditioned air throughout your home, after all! We repair and replace ducts that are failing or poorly designed. That can make a huge improvement in overall efficiency.

5. Your Maintenance Is Lacking

We offer a comprehensive maintenance program. Take advantage of it. Seriously. When your system is properly tuned up on an annual basis, it will work as efficiently as possible. That’s hardly the only benefit that routine maintenance can offer, though.

Maintenance also improves overall performance quality, so you can live more comfortably while paying less. It also protects systems lifespans and may be required to keep warranties active. Trust us, routine maintenance is the best investment you can make in your comfort.

Don’t get hot under the collar every time your energy bill comes in throughout the cooling season. You’re always going to be paying something for your comfort. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should get comfortable overpaying for it! When you let us handle your AC services, you won’t have to.

Schedule your air conditioning services with Greenleaf Heating & Cooling. We’re here for you, 24/7. Live in the comfort that we know you deserve.

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