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Serving All of Southern California Since 1954


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3 Major Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

Central air conditioners remain very popular. We get that. They’re effective, and they make a lot of sense if you use a forced air heater, too. However, they are far from the only option out there when it comes to whole-house cooling.

Depending upon your own personal preferences and priorities, they may also be far from the best option.

Let’s consider one great alternative today. The ductless mini split. Ductless HVAC systems offer a lot of benefits that ducted systems cannot match. When you choose a ductless AC in Whittier, you get to take advantage of those benefits!

1. Avoid Costly Duct Leaks

Air ducts are not something you really see much of in your house. They run behind walls, snake between floors and ceilings. They aren’t there for visual appeal. We’re talking full function over fashion.

When you never really see most of a system like that, it’s easy to take its condition for granted. A lot of homeowners fail to realize that their ductwork is leaking, and that it is costing them money.

As you probably realize, a ductless HVAC system does not use air ducts. That means that duct leaks are literally impossible. And that can save you a lot of money in the long run!

2. Enjoy More Consistent Comfort

Unlike forced air systems that pump conditioned air throughout an entire house via ducts, a ductless system uses individual, wall-mounted blowers. These blowers connect to the outdoor unit via a simple conduit.

The blowers are installed strategically throughout the house, and each is controlled independently of the others. That means that you can easily maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home.

This allows you to live more comfortably. And you don’t have to worry about retroactively zoning your system or anything. The nature of the system’s design makes this an inherent benefit.

3. Year-Round Comfort

Here’s the real kicker of the ductless mini split. Not only is it more efficient than the average central AC due to the elimination of leaks.

It’s also a heat pump.

What’s that mean?

It means that you can reverse your system’s function with the press of a button. That means your system can heat your home during the winter. And its heat pump technology means that it can do so with incredible energy efficiency, making use of existing heat in the air outside!

Does all of this sound too good to be true? We can understand that. But the reviews are in. Ductless mini splits are helping countless homeowners globally to live more comfortably and with greater efficiency. Don’t fall behind the times!

Our technicians are here to help you find the right ductless mini split for your home. And, once they have, you know you can count on us to install it properly, every step of the way. Have questions? Still not sure if a ductless mini split is right for you? Reach out today! We have the answers to any and all questions that might come up.

Schedule your ductless mini split services with Greenleaf Heating & Cooling.

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