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AC Repair Calls Can Come Day or Night

Monday, August 28th, 2017

AC-repair-servicesAir conditioners are far more than a luxury in Southern California, especially in the foothill communities where temperatures can hit triple digits well past Labor Day. We never anticipate a sudden, unexpected breakdown in an air conditioner, but when it comes, you need to get it dealt with fast before your home feels as hot and unpleasant as the outside air does.

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How to Tell If You Should Replace an Older Air Conditioner

Monday, August 14th, 2017

air-conditioning-repairSummertime is here, and in Southern California, that means soaring temperatures. Heat waves can hit use at anytime, with the mercury climbing well above 100 degrees in the bargain, and if you have an older air conditioner, the strain of keeping it running might prove to be too much. We get a lot of repair calls this time of years and an equal number of replacement calls as well. You simply can’t go without a functioning air conditioner in this part of the world in August, but the difference in cost between a simple repair job and a flat-out replacement can be considerable. How can you tell when an older air conditioner just needs fixing and when you need to put it out to pasture in favor of a new one?

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